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by five percent. >>> stocks struggled today, dow lost points concerned over growth in europe. google released a new high end laptop, starting at $1300, including a high resolution display and weighs over 3 pounds, no hard drive but free data storage. google's previous books were marked affordable and some under $200. >>> years now nilson tracked viewers and the company is now tracking content on tablets and mobile phones and networks and amazon. it is expected to increase. >>> whether a song makes it in the music business could come down utube picks. billboards will announce how many utube picks a song has and factor it in the top 100 song chart. the new rule was implemented when harlam shake debuted as number one. >>> the thrill of checking out a library book is invaluable but for one group of children, that field trip may come to an end. we learn more about it being too dangerous. >> we apologize, we are having a problem with the report. we hope to bring it to you later. >>> oakland, a steel girder from the world trade center has a new home, it is encased in a special box. firefigh
widespread attack against apple computers to date. >>> google sored topping $8 hun for the first time. analysts sigh google should be in good shape for years to come. you tube is a growing platform for advertisers and android software is used in more than 600 million smart phones and tab lets. when google went public back in 2004 the share price was $84. today the stock closed at 806 dlrs up nearly 14 dlrs or close to 2%. the dow industrial gained 52 points. the dow is now less than 1% below its all-time high. nasdaq rose 21 points today. >>> a big new development project was unveiled today for the mission rock neighborhood of san francisco just south of at&t park. as rob ross explains the city's largest brewery as big plans for that space. >> the giants are planning for more than world championships. the ownership is proposing a $1.6 billion development called mission rock, and today announcesed its first tenant. lee and giants ceo larry bear, san francisco's own brewing company celebrated its plan to expand its operation into pierre 48, a huge tenant for a huge development. anchors
are closing one toll lane at a time to install automated toll. >>> google is on the publicity blits for its gloog l glass project. the mountain view company released new video today showing how people can use the glasses. google says the glass are voice activated. users can instantly record video, share experiences with friends even translate foreign languages. the company also announced a week long online contest to win a chance to own the glasses but there is a catch. the winners will have to pay $1,500. >>> yahoo users were introduced to a new home page today when they visit it had yahoo web site. the company says it hopes its redesign can reinvigorate its search engine which has lost users to competitors in rekrebt years. the new is designed to be simpler and more personal. it focuses on users' preferences. the home page can be customized to include news articles, stocks or flicker photos and videos. >>> on wall street stocks went south. the dow fell 108 points, nasdaq lost 49. the minutes from the last meeting suggests that central brang is prepare today ratchet back its bond
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3